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Dinsdag 24 februari: Music A Tempo 4.11 | (music)
Too weak, too slow... Black Sabbath ... read more
Maandag 28 juli: Music of A Tempo 4.4 | (music)
Prokofiev: Lift Music: ... read more
Maandag 24 maart: Music of A Tempo 3.12 | (music)
... read more
Zaterdag 26 oktober: Music of A Tempo 3.7 - Experiment | (music)
... read more
Zaterdag 21 september: Music of A Tempo 3.6 | (music)
... read more
Maandag 19 augustus: Music of A Tempo 3.5 | (music)
... read more
Maandag 3 juni: Music of A Tempo 3.2 - Blind | (music)
... read more
Maandag 21 januari: Music of A Tempo 2.10 - The Joke | (music)
Claude Francois - Comme d'Habitude Bob Dylan - Jokerman PJ Proby - I Apologise ... read more
Dinsdag 20 november: Music A Tempo 2.8 | (music)
Radio Dept. - Against The Tide Tom Waits - Alice ... read more
Woensdag 19 september: Music A Tempo 2.6 | (music)
Won’t you let me walk you home from school? Waltzing Matilda whipped out her wallet She was a princess, much lower than people thought ... read more
Maandag 16 juli: Solutions Helpmate 2.4 | (chess)
The solutions to the helpmates from A Tempo 2.4 are: H#2: 1.Kb1-a1 Ke5-e6 2.b2-b1=B! Rc3-a3 # H#3: 1.Nb4-c2 Rc3-d3 2.Ba5-e1 Rh8-a8 3.Na2-b4 Rd3-d1 # ... read more
Maandag 9 juli: The best of the best of the best | (blog)
What got Will Smith and Men in Black to do with A Tempo? Read it in the next issue! Only 6 more nights... ... read more
Donderdag 28 juni: A Tempo in newspapers (Dutch) | (incoming)
... read more
Donderdag 21 juni: Noise: What didn't make the cut... | (blog)
Time Passes Screaming Who makes all the noise Without getting a punch? No sign of any poise Screampainter Edvard Munch ... read more
Zaterdag 16 juni: Music of A Tempo 2.3 | (music)
Nick Cave & Neko Case - She's Not There Mud - The Cat Crept In The Strokes - Under the Cover of Darkness ... read more
Zaterdag 17 maart: Solution A Tempo 12 - Helpmate | (chess)
1. Ne8 fxe8N+2. Kg5 Bg83. Nxg8 Kf74. Kh6 hxg8P+5. Kh7 Nef6# ... read more
Dinsdag 28 februari: Music of A Tempo 11 - Water | (music)
Wilco - One Sunday Morning<br><object height="315" width="560"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/M4GWGSndpag?version=3&amp;hl=nl_NL"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="all ... read more
Donderdag 26 januari: Music of A Tempo 10 - Fireworks | (music)
Rammstein - Engel Genesis - Dancing with the Moonlit Knight Captain Beefheart ... read more
Donderdag 22 december: Music of A Tempo 9 - Minimalism | (music)
Philips Glass - Glassworks: Facades ... read more
Donderdag 24 november: Jesus (PB) | (blog)
After Peter Svidler had won the Russian championship and right after that the World Cup, he said to New In Chess: ‘I’m sure that as soon as I say out loud that my second spring has finally come, it will end precisely at that moment.’We are talk ... read more
Donderdag 10 november: The music of A Tempo 8 - Belief | (music)
Only one video. Yes, a lot of chess in this issue! ... read more
Zondag 16 oktober: Music of A Tempo 6 - Choice | (music)
The Raconteurs - Rich Kids Blues U2 - Still haven't found what I'm looking for The Three Degrees - Dirty Old Man ... read more
Woensdag 21 september: Music of A Tempo 6 - Stress | (music)
Spruce: Arctic Monkeys:  Levon Helm:  Eskimo Joe:  ... read more
Dinsdag 20 september: Sale Craze Sunday | (chess)
The solution to the puzzle in A Tempo 6 - Stress, titled Sale Craze Sunday:1. .. f4+2. Nxf4 Qf2+3. Kd3 Qd4+!4. Kxd4 Bc5+5. Kd3 Nxe5 mate! ... read more
Vrijdag 12 augustus: Grandmaster Ivanchuk misses mate in one | (chess)
... read more
Dinsdag 9 augustus: Old dog Blues | (incoming)
Seasick Steve (or was it my daughter?) has pulled me out of a deep chess abyss. Let me start at the beginning. Other than the average woman (thank you Hein Donner!) my daughter has a sense of humour. Now and again something finds its way to my mailbo ... read more
Dinsdag 26 juli: Bob Dylan | (incoming)
Mr. Dylan, Dear Bob,During your next Neverending Tour I’d like to invite you to my home in Terschelling, a beautiful little island in the north of Holland. No paparazzi here.Did you ever ride a bike on the wet sand of a beach? I can show you the Si ... read more