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The Editors

A Tempo is Peter Boel, Martijn Boele and Eric van Reem.

Peter Boel is an editor and translator with chess publisher New In Chess as well as a freelance reporter with the regional Dutch newspaper De Gelderlander. For 13 years he wrote a chess column in another regional paper, De Stentor, and he made articles and interviews for the Dutch chess magazines Schaaknieuws, SchaakMagazine and Matten. He was the press officer for the Dutch championship and the Euwe Stimulans tournament, and still is for the Dutch Open and the Remco Heite tournament.
In the early 1990s Peter was the singer and songwriter of an obscure Dutch punk rock band called Bignose. As a chess player he is a modest FIDE master and an incorrigible optimist. His taste in music is broad but nonconformist.

Martijn Boele
is a writer, an entrepeneur, a musician and a chess player. As a writer he used to focus on poetry and drama, but prose is slowly taking over. Martijn’s stage plays and poems have been published in many places, digitally and in print, and he has won prizes at several poetry and recital contests. His first collection, ‘Schaduwfiguren’ (‘Shadow Figures’), was published by Kontrast in the beginning of 2011. Martijn has played in various bands, of which none has made serious attempts to break through. Today he play guitar - jazz en classical. In chess he has crossed the 2100 line, but he still goggles at what the great men achieve on the 64 squares.

Eric van Reem is a controller for Lufthansa and the Star Alliance Network at Frankfurt Airport.  He writes for several chess magazines and websites in Dutch, German and English. You can find his stories in New in Chess,  Matten,  Schach Magazin 64, The New Indian Express and online on ChessBase, Chess Tigers and ChessVibes. He has written a number of original blogs as a member of Team Anand during his world championship matches, e.g. www.mateinchennai.com.  His latest project is www.chessintweets.com, in which his tries to compile coherent stories from Twitter messages. Eric loves his plastic Guitar Hero guitar. His musical taste is dominated by guitars. Preferably loud.